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Luke is a seasoned Audiobook narrator and has several titles to his name currently available on Audible. 

"Luke has a wonderfully captivating voice and the range of believable characters he can conjure up, is incredible. He is always a joy to work with and offers to go the extra mile". Nick Cook (Author of the Multiverse Chronicles).

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Beyond Kushnapur Demo
Beyond Kushnapur

Against the turbulent backdrop of war torn Europe and India in the
final days of the Raj, Adam Cullworthy, a British army officer, is
introduced to the, romantic and often treacherous life of his school
friend Rindi Debrahm.

The story, which spans 30 years from 1928 to 1959, opens at
Kushnapur Palace in the foothills of the Himalayas. Home to Rindi’s
father the Maharajah of Kushnapur, it holds secrets of family
conspiracy, religious conflict and a multi-layered web of intrigue
surrounding a precious, bejewelled Indian sculpture. Adam is drawn
into this exotic and secretive world, but could never have imagined
the role they had planned for him and the profound effect this
would have on his life.
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Inflection Point - A Time Travelling Adventure

(The Inflection Point Series - Book 1)



On the eve of the First World War as the storm clouds loom over Oxford, Nathan Bishop, a man with a keen mind for science, has been forced to take on an electrician’s job, converting the colleges over from gas to electric light. Nathan's long-cherished dream is to one day work on experimental projects that test the boundaries of logic and reason. So when the mysterious Professor Felix Schneider offers him the opportunity of a lifetime, it looks like all his dreams have come true.


However, what’s the secret behind Felix’s research in his private lab, and is it a threat to national security? Everything hints at something incredible, but the truth will be beyond even his wildest expectations and will challenge everything Nathan thought he ever knew about time.


Nathan is about to be given an incredible opportunity that will determine not only the fate of those closest to him but ultimately of the galaxy too. Will he be able to find the courage to fully embrace his dreams, even if they might cost him the lives of himself and his closest friends?

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